Social and Cutural Activities

Vice-President of the "New Life Educational Trust, Orissa" and all-Orissa organisa-tion that organises and manages more fifty educationai institutions to promote the ideal of Sri Aurovindo's educational philosophy.

Associated with many spiritual,literary and cultural organisations of Orissa.

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Prizes Won And Distinctions

  1. Recipient of the Orissa Sahitya Academy Award for the Story Collection 'Aakash Patal" in 1981
  2. Recipient of the prestigious Sarala Award for the book Abhisapta Gandha-rba" in 1983
  3. d) Recipient of. Kendra .Sahity-a. Academy Award for the year 1984 for the Book "Abhisapta Gandharba".
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The Message Of My Writing

For the Last forty years my pen has beer trying to assert that des-p4 all the deities, crud¬ities and ugliness of this'mundane world, man can make his own life more more beautiful, rich, meaningful and refined through his loVR and compassion, understanding and diligenc By establishing a just„ honourable, loving and tender relationship with, the min next doOr and other objects

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It is very difficult for me to evaluate my position in Modern Oriya Literature and it is best left to my critics and readers. But I can enume-rate some of my own spedalitiesr_which I consider as my humr-44L-contribution tce-a Language and Literature.

I have used my pen indefatigably. and with distinction in various fields of literature, viz. stories, novels, essays, criticisms. and journalistic pieces.

In my prose writting, I. have successfully experimented with' a diverse range of styles and techniques— a trait which is rarely seen in the writings of other famous contemporary prose writers.

The speciality of my topics is to help further the realisation of heavenly bliss and splendour amidst all the roughness of this mundane life and all this I try to do with a blending of wit, humour,. and deep pathos.

  1. Editor of the"JHANKAR"(From 1965 to 19691_ the prestigious tItzarary magazine of Orissa.
  2. Associate Editor of "The Oriya Aurovillian" from 1970 to 1978
  3. Editor of "UTKAL PRA-SANG'' from 1975 to 1978--a monthly Oriya journal published by the Home—(Public Relations) Dept. of the Govt. of Orissa.
  4. Editor of the "Orissa Review" from 1975 to 1978—a monthly English journal published by the Home (Public Relations Dept, of the Govt. of Orissa,
  5. Editor of "Viveliananda Vani 0 Rachana" in Oriya published by Rama Kri-shna Mission Bhubane-swar.